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The Christian CompanionThe Christian CompanionThe Christian Companion

Soft Christian Music

to Comfort the Body of Christ

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The Logos

Philosophical definitions are misleading. This book will take you to the great Logos of John 1:1.


The Prayer Of Jesus

This prayer of our Lord defines true salvation. All included in this prayer will actually be doing what our Lord prayed for in John 17.

A Higher Wisdom

Sections 1 through 6, book 2 in progress. This book is an expose on the terms and concepts of wisdom presented in the Old Testament. However, all is presented in the light of the wisdom revealed in the New Testament, that is, Jesus Christ. 

The First Resurrection

Most millennial teaching today largely defies the teaching of Christ, and denies the present kingdom of God on earth. This book seeks to present the true millennial kingdom as taught by Christ and the Apostles.   

More Radio

Companion Radio Broadcast


Companion Radio Broadcast

Music and Commentary to Comfort and Inspire the Body of Christ.

Readings from J.C. Ryle, A.W. Pink , and more.


Scripture Readings


We have also mixed our music play with short readings from Scripture.

More Radio

Additional Radio Play for Comforting Christian Music 

Mike Burris Music

Scriptural Music - music that contains and is about Scripture. All original and not yet published.

Files coming soon.


Spreading The Kingdom

I Was Hungry from Matthew 25:31-46

A Scripture Song + Video from Romans 8:38,39

My friends, the Cavorettos'  (Richard sings and Donna plays the piano) have a version of this Scripture song that I love and have sung for years. I was not able to duplicate Donna's playing here, so I had to rewrite it. Donna and Richard, please forgive me. This version, of course, is second to yours :).